Editor & Proofreader Services

Already written the copy you need? Great!

But is it exactly what you need?

Is everything spelled correctly and grammatically correct?

Is it clear and concise, and delivering exactly the message you need it to?

Is it persuading your readers to do what you want them to do – to click that link, buy that product, or get in touch to find out more? Every time, or just sometimes?

Unless you are absolutely sure about the answer to all the above questions, it is well worth your while get a professional editor and proofreader to look through and assess your copy. After all, your website/brochure/blog is a big investment and could be the one and only thing that your potential audience reads about you.

How readers perceive your copy is inseparable from their experience of you as a whole. In this digital age, it is your shopfront, your PR team and your front-of-house staff all rolled into one. It’s got to be right, and an editor and proofreader can help you make sure of it.

From simple proofreading and fact-checking, right up to substantial editing and content strategy, I can help you create the copy that makes a lasting impact on your audience.

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