Freelance Copywriter – Dan Sherrington

Copywriter, Content Creator & Content Designer


Good ideas sell, but it’s how we talk about them that does the selling.

Hiring a professional copywriter for your digital content or print is an essential step in finding your voice, telling your story or spreading your message. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting your cause, or educating your audience, it’s the words that you use that bring it to life in the mind of your reader. It’s what turns a good idea into a great idea.

Great copy can Impress, Improve and Inform.

That’s where I can help you. I can produce the creative and innovative copy that you need to promote your product or idea.

In essence, good copy is not just about good writing – it's all about generating sales, views, likes and interest in you and your product!

My services include:

  • Digital content for your website, blog or social media
  • Press releases, feature articles and advertorials
  • Brochures, leaflets or technical manuals
  • Sales and promotion copy
  • Editing and proofreading


Not sure that a Professional Copywriter is what you need? Give me a call on 07883 232816 or drop me an email, and I would be happy to discuss your project with you……..

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Copywriting & Content

Whether it's website copy, social media content, brochures, manuals, or any other kind of written word, having the right copy makes a huge difference to how readers respond to your product or idea. Find out more

Editing & Proofreading

Already written the copy you need, but need a professional eye to get it ready to publish? Or maybe you are just too busy running your business to get that final draft out there? I can help.   Find out more

My Portfolio

Here you can see some of my most recent copywriting projects. Links are included, but if you want to know more, just ask!  Find out more